HP R507XI 4.1MP Digital Camera with Dock



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HP R507XI 4.1MP Digital Camera with Dock
$179.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 HP R507XI 4.1MP Digital Camera w/ Dock


Nice woot, but i already have a nice camera. Night all


damn it woot got a 5MP already…


way too expensive for a 4.1 mp camera


too expensive, nice though


My sister had this camera. It worked great for the first year-year and half she had it. Then it died, without warning. One day it just wouldn’t turn on.

Luckily it was under extended warranty from Staples and she got her money back, but it was the second HP camera we had (the first being a 618) that died for no reason.

HP makes decent cameras, I have just grown to question their reliability.


4.1MP? What year is this 1999?


Maybe for 5 pixels.


My first Woot Post! Nice camera and dock. I want just a photo printer for the camera. Maybe later…


cool, comes with two batteries and a dock. Dont know that I’d use the dock but an extra battery has to be worth $30-40


Well its not a bad woot but on ebay here for cheaper http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7587752459&category=107889


223 on froogle not bad price but sucky ass camera compaired to whats out today


Got one of these for my daughter last christmas. Pictures are crappy. I would not recommend buying this camera if you want high quality pictures.


All I can say is…meh
Oh, and that if you need a new digital camera this might be a good starter. Cheap, new, and from a good brand. If you already got a good digicam though, this is not for you (or me).


not a bad price - $225 cheapest Froogle:



Want to know the real scoop on this camera. Just read from the source:
HP would know it’s own product best.


It’s not a bad camera, but it’s a little older. The zoom lens is nice though, and the fact that it comes with a dock helps.

But I got my new Canon 20D, so I definately don’t need this.

Night all.


No podcast today? boo hoo! I want my podcast. At leaset if I don’t like the product, I get a little entertainment with the podcast.

First woot nixes the car crash and now the whole podcast? It’s an outrage!

:starts chanting: Bring back the podcast! Bring back the podcast!


Not a good woot here guys
Cheapest on froogle is 223 but ebay has it for much cheaper as noted in posts on this page. Woot - I hope you are not losing your loyal customer base by selling out.

Too add a liitle more about he product. If you are in the market for a camera. Spend the extra money for a Canon or Nikon - You will be much happier. I have a Canon S50 from 2 years ago and I am still in love with it and playing around with all of the professional features. Go to HP when you are in the market for a Printer, PDA, or a server.