HP RGB Z240 Gaming Desktop (AMD RX 580)

HP RGB Z240 Gaming Desktop (AMD RX 580)

Anyone have a internal view of this?
Can I add a different GPU? Ram?

Considering with the question you asked, I assume you are not familiar with the computer parts.

In short, Don’t even think about buying this for gaming. You can watch some tutorial videos on youtube to assemble a computer yourself. There is way better choice if you can increase your budget to $600-$650 after tax. It will lasts longer before getting substituted.

Below is some details. Yes I’m bored on my bed so I typed a lot.

DDR 3 desktop is way too old for later upgrade. Rx 580 can probably still handle some idle 1080p (Full HD) 3A gaming ( and for most online gaming, such as LOL, CSGO and DOTA2 with that CPU ) BUT it’s not a good option nowadays, considering most of the technologies & factories are moving forward to 2K (QHD) gaming. With that being said, a desktop with DDR3 ,a 6th gen i5 and a 1080p graphics card are highly suspected if it will last for a year before you wanna upgrade.

You will also not be able to upgrade it. Physically there are structural differences between DDR 3 and DDR 4 RAM slots. You are also not able to “upgrade” your graphics card because a board with DDR 3 Ram typically does not have PCIE 4.0 for graphics card (you can understand that as unable to have 100% power of your upgraded graphics card). Even if you somewhat figure out a way to upgrade, there might be insufficient power from your power supply, which will cause your pc to randomly blackout.

Purchasing computer parts and assemble them is not difficult. To get you started, I will list the most fundamental things you will need below:

CPU (AMD highly recommended, comes with free cpu cooler)
Motherboard (must check if the CPU is supported)
RAM(get 2 instead of a single one to get better performance)
Power Supply - ATX type, ~750-850W
Silicon thermal paste
CPU cooler (don’t buy any cooler cheaper than $10)
Computer Case - mid tower
---------above will cost you ~ $400-450 ---------

Graphcis card
----- u can get a rx 580 for ~ $200 for new. ------
I would personally suggest to wait for newer generation card steps down and get a great deal on that, which should happen in upcoming black Friday.

Lastly, you will need a thumb drive to get Windows installed. You can just grab a random one ( at least 16gb) u have to get ISO installed. Details to be found in youtube.

Again, this deal is kind of stupid. It is a desktop for gaming. The only situation I can think of is you never have a desktop before and have absolutely no idea about computer parts AND have extremely limited budget.

Hope this helps.


For the record, the listing here is incorrect. These former workstations actually uses DDR4, not the older DDR3.

The RGB strips are add-ons by the refurbisher. Stock from HP, these units are plain.

(Note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)

Thanks for pointing out & it’s a red flag! Incorrect information can directly affect the sale. Why they put wrong information for the product lol?


The specs was probably copied from a different computer without noticing that there are differences.

For the record, this isn’t a bad platform – while it is a 12VO design, the board/case is ATX and HP did extend support for 7th gen. Given that it’s originally a workstation with a C236 chipset, it also supports Xeon E3 V5/V6 CPUs and ECC memory. Due to a more limited resale market, those can be had for less on the secondary market versus the consumer market components.

(That said, anyone intending to do their own upgrades may be better off starting with a barebone or lower spec build as not to pay for components that they’d be replacing anyway.)

(Note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)

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