HP ScanJet 5500C Flatbed Scanner with Automatic Photo Feeder


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HP ScanJet 5500C Scanner with Auto Photo Feeder
Scan in the place where you were
$99.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Turn on your scanner. Open your scanning software. Lift the lid of the scanner. Place one photo in the corner of the glass. Close the lid of the scanner. Wait for the scanner to warm up. Wait. Wait. Hit the scan button. Wait. Check the image on the screen. OK, one down. Lift the lid of the scanner. Remove the photo. Place one photo in the corner of the glass…

It’s as maddeningly tedious to read as it is to actually do. There’s a whole world whizzing by out there, shutterbug! Don’t lose another invaluable moment of sweet, sacred life to the archaic demands of your stone age photo scanner. This Jetsons-worthy timesaver can zip through a stack of 3×5s or 4×6s in mere seconds apiece. The lighted adapter eats negatives for breakfast and slides for lunch. One-touch buttons let you copy ‘em, email ‘em, share ‘em on the web – everything but throw ‘em in the oven for baby and me.

Diisregard the powerful hi-res scanner for a moment, if you can – the adapters alone usually cost more than this whole package. But wait! There’s more! You also get a bundle of software for easy manipulation of your scanned pics, and all the cables and manuals you need to put this mug to work. And you don’t even have to thank us. Who Woots you, baby?


* Scanner type: Flatbed, one-pass color and monochrome
* Scanning area: 8.5×11.7 inches
* Resolution, optical: 2400x2400 dpi
* Resolution, enhanced: 12 - 999,999 dpi
* Color depth: 48-bit (internal hardware)
* Gray scale: 256
* Scanning speeds: Less than 30 seconds for 4×6-in. color photo into Microsoft Word; less than 45 seconds for OCR a full page of text into Word; less than 25 seconds for black-and-white bitmap into Word; less than 25 seconds for e-mail a photo; 4 photos per minute using automatic photo feed
* Zooming: Yes
* Light source: Cold cathode fluorescent
* Photoelectric device: Charge coupled device (CCD)
* Operating systems: Windows XP Pro, XP Home, 2000, Me, 98, Mac OS 9.1 and higher, Mac OS X 10.1.2 and higher
* Interface: USB 2.0 full and high speed


* Width: 12.2 inches
* Height: 6.7 inches
* Depth: 21.6 inches
* Weight: 11.6 pounds
* Warranty: 1 year, backed by HP customer care

In the Box:

* HP Scanjet 5500C Flatbed USB Scanner
* HP scanjet automatic photo feeder (3×5 and 4×6-inch photos only)
* HP scanjet active transparent material adapter (35mm negatives and slides)
* User’s manual
* USB cable
* External power adapter
* CD-ROM with software for Windows and Mac


* Includes HP memories disc creator software
* HP Scanjet Copy Utility
* HP share-to-web software
* Suite of electronic help tools
* ArcSoft FunHouse


this thing is huge




payday’s the 15th…better be good


not bad[/quote]




happy day after chinese new years


I don’t need one, but it’s still a really nice woot.

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not bad


Hi Pop!?!

looks like a Hellovadeal Woot!
if you’re looking for a scanner that is…




I would definitely buy this if I didn’t already have one!

I love it and it works perfectly! Highly Recommended!


finally, a w00t i need! I’ve been waiting for a decent scanner for AWHILE!


Woo hoo Page 2! I got one. Some reviews don’t look to good but I found the price range to be around $200.00. Go woot!!!


Great!!! A scanner. Now that person whining about wanting a scanner can rest in peace. :lol:


Hey nice Woot!!! That’s a bad ass price….


wow its not easy to get into these forums now is it!

looks like an ok woot… i dont need one though ;


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Here’s the details of the scanner on CNET,


Cheaper on eBay $79 + 23.75 Shipping