HP Slimline Athlon 64 3800+ Media Center PC

Today’s Item Including Froogle, Price Grabber and Amazon Links.

To Woot or not to Woot? That is the question. Links are telling me yes – but I do not like HPs.

I could use a computer.

Happy Wooting! =)

HP Slimline Athlon 64 3800+ Media Center PC
$379.99+ $5 shipping

1 HP Slimline Athlon 64 3800+ Media Center PC - S7627C

That seems pretty pricey for a 3800+ box.


hp are crap

DECENT not the best vid card, but a steal for the price i think

Athlon? You’re kidding me!

HP makes good stuff… that’s fo sho… but refurbed??? and not pink?.. this definitely deserves more attention.

GREAT price. Nice features, But simply not enough expansion slots. Way to go if you don’t build.

Free upgrade to Vista?

I have one. They suck.

If you buy one of these, you might end up with the one my father sent back. He bought one new from a big-box store and it had major heat issues. I don’t know if that was because of the small case or if his unit was defective.

Hmm… I think I need a computer… do you need one for this internet thingy everyone talks about?

craptastic HP suck, Alienware all the way baby!!

Is the processor alone worth the price?

What the heck is in the PCI slot? Nothing they mention should be taking it up.

I have one of these and I really like it.

What is the video? Something awful and integrated… or not so awful integrated? :wink:

Good luck!


If I were in the market for and had the money. I might woot this. At least it’s not Vista. I am pretty into XP MCE on my laptop. I have friend who has this. It’s quite small which is nice.