HP Slimline Athlon 64 3800+ Media Center PC

Your dad has a defective unit?

Wow! This is a steal for the price. If I didn’t already have a desktop computer in this league already I would be all over this one. Sure, I would add some RAM but that would be a cheap and easy upgrade.


i love refurb computers. theres always some undeleted porn on it from the last user.

HP + Refurbished < $399.00 No Thanks

Forget about Vista! It’s the new ME! ME2

Beautiful. I like the site.

I was really hoping for a Razer mouse. Oh well.
I’d be happy to trade an unused real wood keyboard and mouse from a couple of woot-offs ago for a new Razer Mouse from the last BOC.




it’s a decent price, and would go nicely with the new HD, but with no TV tuner or free PCI slot for one, I’ll pass today

worth parting it out?

hm. seems like a bad compared to dells’ small business pricing these days. graphics card isn’t very good at all, and doesn’t seem very expandable in terms of memory.


Just for the record, this computer will run Windows Vista, but not Aero.

Quite true! there is no space for any sort of upgrades at all. & a refurb ain’t too cool

The 56K modem fills the PCI slot.

I just bought this computer about 2 weeks ago from Geeks.com, someone that advertises through Woot.com. I saw the ad, clicked on it and bought it for $399. I’m very very pleased with what you get.

The only thing I strongly recommend is that you remove the free 60-day Norton AVP software. That made the system so sluggish I thought I’d have to ship it back. Once removed, the computer flies through tasks. The little ‘tower’ is maybe 1/3 of a mid-sized tower. The DVD slides in sideways in the tray that pops out the front. Mine came with Wi-Fi, which worked perfectly with my wireless network.

So is this a good buy?! WOOT it now. Just dump the Norton stuff, and use something that isn’t bloated like Nod32 for virus protection like I did.

A refurbished machine with pretty much no available PCI or PCIe slots for upgrades? Oh, and not even XP Pro?


when it comes to desktops, size shouldn’t really matter. Most of the time they’re hidden away under a table or something. You’re wasting money on a smaller form factor when you dont really need to.

saw this same product on another deal a day sight a couple days ago, similar price, but I don’t need one

Hopefully not.