HP Smart 90W AC Adapter

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New, OEM HP Smart 90W AC Adapter, for $9.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x HP KG298AA#ABA Smart 90W AC Adapter

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Will this work in a tx2z or tx2500z?

I think all of HP’s laptops have the same plug.

Hummm can I use these with other laptops? (I’m not real familiar with how these work cross-brand)

I’ve had two corporate thinkpads that had different adaptor ends. However, I think that only one of them was 90w.

Will this work with non-HP items? Or is it just HP only?

This has 2 sizes of plugs.

Very likely this will NOT work with anything but HP laptops.

some reviews over at amazon, 3.5/5 not bad


Woot! Fits my laptop. In for 2. (When I lose one, I’ll still have another one.)

only hp according to the description which means i am out of luck since i have a dell

As long as it meets the voltage, watt and plug requirements. Laptops can use different input voltages and that makes a world of difference. Under and you won’t charge the battery, over and you can cause damage.

Wattage is fine so long as your laptop doesn’t require more than 90. If you’re under it doesn’t matter.

Of course YMMV and there are no guarantees. :slight_smile:

These sell for about $60-70 in retail stores. In for 1.

I’m wondering if this would work with an old dell laptop.

I use my HP charger with my Dell laptop. I’m in.

I have had 3 HP/Compaq laptops made in the last 2 years and they all used the same voltage but had different tips.

no nc8000?

Those amazon reviews have complaints of the adapter being a bit loose when plugged into the laptop.

Just some food for thought if you are thinking of buying this adapter.

My Dell E1505’s adapter is 90W also and the tips look the same