HP Spectre x360 13" FHD 512GB Convertible

The features tab says 256GB SSD while the title and the specs tab say 512GB SSD.

Can you use a stylus to draw on this laptop?

Would go for this but the 90 day warranty, way too short. Recently bought HP desktop, which also was a CNB computers refurbish but it carried a 1-year warranty. These are super notebooks, and this price is about 1/3 non sale price retail. But warranty!

Current models are posted at 2.78 lbs. that’s a big difference from this unit at well over 3 lbs. Likely quite an early version of this great laptop. So tempted, but given current sale prices, this is only half of retail for a new one, longer warranty, and double the RAM memory.

Based on reviews/pictures on PCWorld.com this looks to be an early 2016 model - the first of several generations of these 2-in-1 laptops.

Here is the review of the model which replaced this one with comparisons:


From the PCWorld review:“No pen, but Windows Hello
The screen on our review sample is a 1920x1080 IPS panel with 10-point touch. Its backlighting is fairly even, and I measured its maximum brightness at about 350 nits. HP says the initial version of the updated Spectre x360 won’t support pen input. It’s not just a matter of a pen not being included either—HP decided against adding a digititizer for any pen support in this model. Future versions of the laptop with different screens may have pen support, however.”

What should I do to have in Israel ?

Alas, Woot only ships to the 48 states in the US.

Doe anyone knows the model year of the laptop or the release date of this model? Can anyone please comment on it?

512 is correct.

So if I just don’t like this when it arrives, is it returnable, or is there a hidden catch in fine print somewhere?

2.78 compared to 3.2 lbs… maybe we’ll have you do a blind lifting test. Jk … sorry, I couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:

It’s an i7-6600U, that’s a 6th-gen processor two generations behibd the latest Intel processors. It was released in Q3-2015, so you can guess the rest. At this price, it’s not bad but the 13" screen is a deal-breaker. I’ve used a Surface Pro 3 for several years & finally upgraded to the latest HP Spectre w/ an 8th-gen i7.

The “fine print” is in “Woot’s Return Policy” linked at the bottom of this page.