HP Spectre x360 13" Intel i7 256G Laptop

whats the colour of this laptop ?

Can i expand from 8GB to 16GB DDR3L RAM?

HP limited warranty is for 90 days. If i like to extend warranty, how can i do that?

Buy this on a Costco Visa card and you will get an extra 24 months added to the warranty for free…it is a benefit of the card.

We have bought 3 Spectre X360s in our family over the past 18 months. We have been extremely happy with all three. They are beautiful, solidly built and have very good battery life (typically around 6-8 hours for the 6th gen i7). They also have a very good port selection (much better than a Mac for instance) and the price is very reasonable for what you get. The 1080p screen is more than adequate - we have a higher resolution screen on my wife’s and surprisingly it does not seem to adversely impact battery life, but I think it is overkill vs. the 1080 screen as the difference is almost imperceptible. Also, the higher ppi screen displays a few programs in a very small font.

On one of the three, we had a “ghost touch” problem on the screen for a while (the screen would a few times a week falsely detect touches and get stuck in that mode making it unusable until the lid was closed and re-opened). HP must have fixed this via a software update because the problem has gone away. Other than that, we have had no issues with any of the three PCs (the newest for my son who is going to college was this refurb, which for $749 is a smoking deal).

Also, one thing to consider after you get it is going into the Bios and turning off the annoying “always on” backlighting on the backlight toggle key (the F5 key). Last thought - the built in graphics work very well for video streaming and video editing though might come up short for power gamers.

Last thought - the only thing missing from the refurb was a nice little neoprene protective sleeve that came with new ones that we bought. So you may need to purchase a carrying sleeve for this refurb.

Also, I don’t think you can expand the RAM as I believe it is soldered in place. But 8 GB has been more than adequate for everything we have thrown at it - including video streaming and editing.

Silver - just as shown. There is an ash colored model with gold accents as well, but I don’t think that model is on Woot.