HP Spectre x360 13" QHD 512GB Convertible

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HP Spectre x360 13" QHD 512GB Convertible
Price: $479.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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EW, Gross & Nasty
It’s only 2560 x 1440 on a 13.3 inch screen… maybe “your Mom” could use that

I have this exact model. It’s still working till now but the screen suffers from ghosting effect (try to move one active window to a different position), it left a shadow of the old content.

Resolution is actually quite OK as DPI scaling on Windows 10 is already an improved version compared to the previous Windows version.

Can get laggy if you are doing compute intensive activity. The RAM feels anemic and nowadays, 16GB should be the norm.

The SSD is actually the B Key card m2. Mine happens to be a Samsung so it’s actually quite alright.

Would you recommend it at this price or look for something else?

The recent comment comes to mind:“You were born after 1980,weren’t you?”

Translation: Not everyone needs what you need. Mom’s or otherwise.

For example,this would probably do just fine for my mobile digital audio recording/ editing/ uploading.

It would also do well for taking notes, writing article, etc.,away from the studio.

I could go on,but then I would talk myself into buying one. But I look at other bills to pay and go "Ew,gross and nasty! :wink:

Serious question: what kind of things are you using it for?

I had this computer and absolutely loved it. It has excellent stylus support and the battery life is pretty stellar. I recently upgraded to a new Spectre with the latest chipset, but because of this computer I didn’t even shop around. I knew that it would offer everything I wanted. Truly a great computer!

Actually I was making fun of the “resolution nerds”. I’m quite happy with 1080p but every time anything less than 1080p comes up they all whine and complain and witch and pi$$ and moan like it’s some sort of torture.

good one!

Just checked the comments. Sorry for the late reply.

I think for the price it is an OK deal, depending on how bad is scratch&dents. With the material that this laptop is built, it should withstand quite an abuse.

Under 500 bucks is an OK price.

Main usage is to run laser engraving software from Keyence and Adobe Illustrator to edit the working .ai/.dxf export file. It feels quite laggy.

For such task, my older ROG G73W feel much faster (4 cores/8 threads). Probably my next upgrade would be the Coffee Lake machines to take advantage of the extra cores for multitasking.