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Solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com and check out the product specs

I would have to say stay away from this computer. My girlfriend got it last year for Christmas and it has run with lag since the beginning. I have been on the phone with HP tech support multiple times, re-installing the OS multiple times with no improvement. The touch pad will just stop working and with only the browser open youtube videos will lag. Other days the computer will just freeze like windows 95. Something is wrong with the computer and HP hasn’t given a solution to it.

I’ve had for 2 weeks the m110dx, don’t see a difference in specs. I love it. No problems with lag at all, it’s responsive, bright, well built, a joy. Only problems are the size and weight as a tablet, can’t play with it one handed. It can be top heavy as a laptop, but still fairly stable. It gets warm on the left side.

The windows 10 trial is out on M$ site gonna try that on this baby next.

I have one of these and love it.

My favorite thing about this laptop/tablet is that both parts are upgradable. I opened the tablet portion and installed a 512GB mSata hard drive, an 8GB RAM module, and upgraded the WiFi card to the Intel AC card. Where else can you have that kind of hardware in a tablet?

The bottom keyboard section will house a second hard drive internally if you want- I have a 512gb SSD down there for storage. When I travel, it’s nice to have a full TB of space for storage of media files (stuff to watch on the plane, downloading my pics to the laptop each night at the hotel, etc.).

So far I’ve been very impressed.

The Tech Preview is for desktop installs. It’s not going to be enjoyable on a tablet FYI.

Is that based on experience? I have it on an old x60 Lenovo tablet (just pen not multitouch one) and it is pretty good. Only have to update one driver but pen/fingerprint/everything works. And if you read about the win 10 preview, it does not say touch won’t work, just might be a rough around the edges.

Can you post some links to guides or walk-throughs on how to upgrade the device? I will be purchasing this and will be upgrading it my self.

90 day HP warranty scares me. There is a Dell venue pro on woot that has 1 year warranty. Why?

Different companies.

Tempting! But I can’t stand 1366 x 768 resolution.

I think it’s funny how they can tout this as a stunning “high-definition” touch-screen, when many phones, (and most tablets) now a days even have a higher resolution than this crappy resolution.

“1366 x 768 resolution showcases movies and games in stunning clarity” LoL, it’s garbage.

But asides the resolution, this is a cool little device.

Warning: I am the owner of an hp split x2 and need to say that anyone who purchases this product will most likely immediately regret it. I bought one when they first came out, tempted by the ads as being one of the first split laptops. The thing has constant graphics problems in which the entire screen freezes for no reason. It is a widely known problem by HP and yet in the course of years they’ve done nothing to fix it and the only replies to criticisms and help requests are more people complaining about the same exact issue or coming up with possible ways to fix it that don’t work for anyone.


The canned replies they give to people like myself and other purchasers are complete crap, in which they blame the operating system or claim it’s a USB device even if you don’t have one attached.

The performance was so bad with this particular HP model that I actually refuse to ever buy HP again. Do yourself a favor and read the reviews on amazon or some of these forum posts in which users like myself regret our purchase of this laptop.

I may consider another brand down the road as all it does is make a wonderful paperweight. When it works, it works just fine… but when it’s constantly freezing and locking up, it happens for up to 10-15 minutes at a time. I’ve reinstalled the operating system several times in hopes that it wasn’t a hardware issue… unfortunately it is.

I have the m110dx and it has been a great Laptop AND tablet. That said the FIRST thing you have to do is disable the swipe gestures on the touch pad. These are the same gestures that work on the touch screen. The default is to have all of the normal touch pad actions PLUS the screen ones ALL on the touch pad. Completely unusable. Once you turn off the Gestures for the touch pad, it is usable and like a normal laptop. You then only use the screen gestures on the screen :-).

Here’s a link to the service manual which includes instructions on upgrading the RAM and HDD.

As for the comment on Resolution- I was actually very impressed with video quality while watching movies- the IPS makes the image and colors fantastic (and I own and enjoy some high end video equipment, including a 4k screen). However- when browsing woot, it is annoying how much I have to scroll down all the time. There is a 1080p version of the Split out there (and it comes with an i5 too). I would imagine that thing is just plain wicked.