HP Split x2 13.3" Convertible i3 Laptop

HP Split x2 13.3" Convertible i3 Laptop
Price: $499.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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HP Split x2 13.3" Convertible i3 Laptop
Price: $499.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Jan 29 to Monday, Feb 03) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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SSD may be fast but only 128gb which will fill up QUICKLY on a Windows PC!

Woot is $50 less than NewEgg for their refurb of the same model.


20 Reviews here: http://www.laptopplaza.com/hp-split-13-m010-tablet-laptop-pc-core-i3-128g-ssd-4g-13-3-win8/

Time to check out the spec page and TONS of solid reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com


Is there an additional battery in the base?

There sure is. A “3-Cell 33WHr Lithium-Ion Polymer” one to be exact.

Girlfriend got the newer version with the 4th gen i3 processor at Christmas time. The computer is always lagging and the fans never stop running. We have talked to HP support and they have reset the computer twice now, installed all the updates that are supposed to fix these issues multiple times and the lagging and fan running constantly continues to happen. From the research I did online, this seems to be a software issue.

On the plus side, the tablet and dock feature is really nice. HP just needs to fix their driver issues.

I would stay away from these for now, at least until they get all the drivers and other software issues figured out.

Anyone know if you can Hackintosh this?!? I’ve wanted a nice OSX slate for a few years now!

The 4th Gen Core iX processors, or Haswell chips, have integrated voltage rails and run hotter than the last generation. Because of this, heat transfer is of utmost importance, so if the heatsink in your GF’s tablet/laptop wasn’t seated perfectly, you’ll have issues. This is a manufacturing defect on HP’s part and I would insist that they replace the device.

This will be great… to install Android on.

I have a Surface Pro, which is basically the same thing with an i5 (~$300 more than this as well). I love the tablet form factor without being limited with Windows RT. The only complaint is software support.
The Windows Store is empty. Very few quality apps. Which is why having Windows 8 and not RT is important.
For touchscreen reasons I’m basically forced to use IE since Chrome is almost unusable at high res on a touch screen. I haven’t had a chance to try Firefox.

Overall though, I really enjoy having something I can pull off the keyboard and sit on the couch with.

Ok people, I’m pouring you a nice hot cup of coffee here. Let’s wake up and get to talking about this laptop.

Seems like it’s got a lot of good stuff going for it.

Have one? Talk about it.

Have thoughts? Share them.

Also be aware that the display may be different in the 3rd gen as opposed to the 4th gen i3. I’m not sure if the display difference parallels the CPU, but I’ve seen two different displays on this at Best Buy. One looked just like the i5 model. Good viewing angles. The other quickly dimmed and got color distortion as you began to get off-axis with it. I’ve never seen any specs or documentation to determine which display you’ll get without actually looking at it. BEWARE!!! You might get a display that’s fine for netbook use but will disappointed using it as a tablet.

So, here are the only two professional reviews I found:

Notebook Check

Consumer Reports

I guess I have 1 question phrased 2 ways.

What ports are on the screen and what ports are on the keyboard?

Can you plug a USB device to the screen or charge the screen by itself?

[MOD: scatpack: I’m sorry for the delayed response. I’ll email CS to let them know of your concerns. Thank you for your patience. ]

On the specs, it says:

I/O Ports:
HDMI: 1 (on base)
USB 3.0: 1 (on base)
USB 2.0: 1 (on base)
Combo Headphone/Mic Jack: 1

I asked and the “base” refers to the keyboard. The images seem to support this.

Hope that helps.

just read this review:

They talk about the dock taking a second drive, but the comments on there said something about needing to buy a HP upgrade. Does this model support the second drive out of the box, or would an upgrade purchase be required?

The screen/tablet portion doesn’t have any USB ports. It does have a micro SD slot though. As well as a/c input so you can charge the tablet portion without needing the keyboard/base.