HP Split x2 13.3" Convertible i3 Laptop

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HP Split x2 13.3" Convertible i3 Laptop
Price: $479.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Feb 27 to Friday, Feb 28) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Time to check out the spec page and check out this review over at notebookcheck.net


From what I’m reading online, this might not be the best for everyone. It’s a tablet with a fan that is -always- on so there will be noise. I cannot imagine this tablet to be comfortable, but if you can deal with the noise and keep that fan clean, then this is a decent low-end convertible.

All these laptops make me wish my Zenbook would ship already!

This is a great price, if you compare it to the similarly-priced but new ASUS Vivotab Smart ME400C-C2-BK 10.1-Inch 64GB Tablet. Both run Windows 8, but this has a much more powerful CPU, double the memory and includes a keyboard. On the other hand, the Asus includes Microsoft Office. Furthermore, if you don’t mind a used model, the Asus can be found (without keyboard) for about $230 on Amazon.

My girlfriend has one and the fan never stops running. It is usually running at its highest setting too. As I posted last time I saw this on woot. I would not recommend this to anyone. It’s noisy and lags all the time with just basic word processing, email, and web surfing (not even at the same time). HP support has had the OS and drivers reinstalled several times with no improvements. I am hoping to have them replace it for her.

Here is some info/reviews from Endgadget

I looked at these at BB. The first one I looked at had a screen that really dimmed when you used it off axis. Not at all desirable for a tablet. The i5 model did not exhibit the same dimming so I know that they had different screens. This was a deal killer for me. I couple months I later went back and found that both models now had the better screen. However, I’ve never found any way to determine the difference in screens and how you can insure that you won’t get one with the inferior screen. I’d like one of these but I can’t take the chance that these have the inferior screens.

Edit: after a little more checking, the i5 model has an IPS screen which would explain the poor off-angle viewing of the i3 model. However, I know that I’ve seen the i3 model with the IPS display. I just don’t know how you could be sure which one you’re getting.

I actually bought one of these in the last woot. I mainly use this to work on speeches and PowerPoint’s,logging into mymathlabs and Sams to complete online homework assignments, writing a skit that was best in my psychology class as well as web browsing and staying current on my social networking sites. For that it has been excellent. When I pull off the screen people gasp and love the fact that it is so big. It’s great for watching movies and I have even used HDMI to watch some stuff on the flat screen in the living room. All in all I am very happy with the device but the one thing that kinda irked me at first is that after upgrading to win 8.1, the touchpad will go to sleep ever so often while its plugged into ac power. Whenever this happens a quick tap on the screen will wake the touchpad up again. Battery life has been amazing so far. Tablet gives me around 4-5 hours regularly and the keyboard adds another 4-5 hours. I can easily make it from 9am to 6pm with this thing. All USB accessories I have tried so far work flawlessly. I can even flash my droid on this thing. The one thing that you may not be aware of is that all of the ports are only usable when the tablet is connected to the keyboard. The tablet itself only has a SD slot? and a headphone jack. There are some other options available that have them on the tablet itself but not really in this price range. Today I will install fl studio on this to see how it runs. Overall though, I love this device!

As far as the touchpad thing goes some ppl have decided to just stay on windows 8 and not upgrade to 8.1 until new drivers are released by HP. Apparently, they have no issues at all

I bought this last time it was offered. ($20 more). Out of the box it had a hardware issue. Sent it to HP and got it replaced. I use it mainly to facebook and watch movies. I wouldn’t suggest this a PC for a main computer. But for a fun 2nd computer it is PERFECT!

I am curious about battery life. A few weeks ago I bought an ASUS T100TA 64GB w/Win8.1 and Office Home/Student at Walmart for $379. I really like the device and consider it much more useful than any android or ios tablet as I can run the same software I use on my laptop. Here for $100 more you get an i3 w/128GB and 13in screen instead of the z3740 w/64GB and 10in screen in the T100. I am very tempted to get this one, too. With my T100 I get 8-12 hours from the battery with daily use.

Just remember that this is not a tablet with a detachable keyboard. This is a Windows 8.1 laptop that has a detachable screen that then will function as a tablet. The battery life is not going to be the same. The powerful processor will suck power much faster than the ASUS or any other tablet.

Okaaay… So define the difference between ‘tablet’ and ‘laptop’ other than putting all the components behind the screen instead of under the keyboard. Both this device and my T100 are full PCs in tablet form factor. What I call it makes no difference. Granted the Bay Trail z3740 sips power at 2W max and will not compete with the i3 on processing power. But how balanced is the battery in this device with how it performs? I would like to hear from owner’s real experiences instead of what HP claims.

Update: I just did a bunch of homework on the z3740 vs i3-3229y processors. Processing performance is very similar. z3740 is quadcore vice the i3 dualcore. Power consumption is 2W vs 13W. There is more, but I will stick with my T100TA and skip this Split.

According to Passmark (PassMark - CPU Benchmarks - List of Benchmarked CPUs)the z3740 pulls a rank of 1,071 and the i3-3229y pulls a 1,611 (higher is better). That’s a sizable difference in processing power… Not to mention this has 4GB of Ram, as opposed to 2GB in the T100A

You hit it. Tablets are designed primarily for, well how we use tablets and laptops are designed how we use them. The line gets blurred with hybrid devices. But tablets focus on weight, battery life etc. while laptops on power and being small, portable versions of desktop PCs.

The double memory isn’t as important if this runs 64bit Windows. The ASUS runs 32bit. I myself say “pass” to this.

I like the idea of this ‘tablet PC’ form factor. I bought my ASUS T100 mainly as an inexpensive way to see how this form factor fits my digital life. I like the 13in screen of the Splitx2, but the i3 draws too much power. I have been very impressed with the z3740 in the T100. I am not a ‘gamer’ or a graphic artist. I use mainly Office, Quicken, Quickbooks, Outlook, and similar programs. I have the full Office 2013 Enterprise from my employers home use program installed and the T100/z3740 handles them just fine. What I really want is what ‘tablet PCs’ will become in about 3-5 years.

I was actually looking for an Asus t100 to replace a dell venue pro 8. I loved that little thing but I just wasn’t as fond of the small form factor after 1 month as I thought I would be. I had the chance to play with the Asus in a bestbuy but they didn’t have any in stock and the next morning this device came up. SOLD. I can easily make it through an entire day on a single charge with the way that I use it and that is pretty heavily.

I promised myself i would never, ever buy a hp product again after their self destructive laptops that expired shortly after warranty. They knew about it and decided they would screw customers to make more money.

I promised myself the same thing after 2 dead, post-warranty HP MediaCenter computers.

I was hoping their QC was better on laptops. Guess not.