HP Stream 11.6" Intel 32GB SSD Laptops

Anyone know if you can add a internal SSD drive to this?

Does anyone know if I can load an older version of Microsoft Office onto this little machine?

I bought one of these for my 10th grader last summer to use as a netbook alternative to the crappy Chromebooks the school passed out. I read a lot of forums before and after purchase and upgraded to win10 myself (which was a bit tricky due to the small memory), but i’m pretty sure that nothing is able to be added. everything is soldered to the board. You can’t even upgrade the RAM. for what it’s worth, she really liked it, it came with one year of office 360 included, not likely to be part of the refurbished ‘package’. It runs well albeit a bit slow, will be using it again for a second year. she did all her schoolwork on it every day

I doubt it, just because the memory is very limited. of the 32 GB that is listed, really only 10 or 15 are available to be used