HP Stream 11.6" Intel Quad-Core Notebook (Open Box)

HP Stream 11.6" Intel Quad-Core Notebook (Open Box)

Does anyone know if this comes with Office 365? The regular model on Amazon comes with it.

I don’t see any mention of it so best to assume not.

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Is this a good idea? I don’t need space for storage so much as I’m more interested in a faster processing speed…

This is an Atom processor that is generally the antithesis of faster processing speed. If you have an Intel i3 CPU it is almost equivalent (you can see below it is slightly slower). If an i5 or i7 faster, this would be slower.

  1. For faster perceived speed your best “bang for the buck” is an Solid State Drive (SSD is faster than the eMMC in this notebook) .

  2. If you already have an SSD, then make sure the throughput of your internet speed is > 5MBytes/sec for streaming. That’s now should be considered a minimum goal. Many cable sytems offer 60 to 200+ MBytes/sec.

  3. If you want to spend more, obtain a laptop or desktop with a discrete graphics board (not built into the CPU chip).

Hope this helps you buy what you need.