HP Stream 11.6" Intel 2.16GHz Laptops

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HP Stream 11.6" Intel 2.16GHz Laptops
Price: $134.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Jul 21 to Friday, Jul 24) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Time to learn all about the processor

Walmart had these for more than this as part of its anti-Amazon sale. If you’re in the market, this is a good price.

These are refurbished versus (I assume probably) new at Walmart.

Since it’s a Woot warranty versus HP warranty does that mean they’re third-party, rather than factory, refurbished?
Edit: Or maybe HP refurbished them but figured warranty service wasn’t worth the hassle at that price so Woot just ordered some extras to use as replacements for the occasional dud?

Also, keep in mind super low end laptops like these are essentially just a more modern netbook, hence the price. Similar to a Chromebook except for folks who prefer Windows rather than Chrome OS.

As long as you know that up front and don’t expect a high performance laptop with lots of memory or storage, something like this could come in handy for basic tasks due to the lower cost, physical keyboard, and relatively small size.

$139.99 shipped on this site and it says manufacture refurbished.


Are these not touchscreen? I assume not but want to be sure.

[MOD: Not touchscreen]

Correct, no touch screen, just the trackpad (or you could add a mouse).

It looks like Amazon has a touchscreen/convertible model, but obviously at a higher price.

Also, since this Woot is refurbished I’m guessing they don’t come with the 1 year Office 365 subscription or the $25 Windows store gift card, if those are important to you. I think you can only use the gift card for digital music/movies/apps anyway though.

Too bad it’s windows 8.

Bought two of these for the kids at Christmas. They are decent for web browsing, google docs and little else. Kids were sorely disappointed when they tried to install Minecraft.

Also, the screens are fairly fragile. One of the two has about a quarter inch of dead pixels across the top. We sent it in under warranty but were told the cause was damage and wouldn’t be covered. Also, one of the headphone jacks never worked right unless you held the plug in at an angle.

They work, just don’t set your sights too high.

Minecraft should run reasonably well with the right tweaks as shown in this video. Definitely looks playable.

Does this item include Microsoft Word? Excel?

[MOD: No]

In for one blue one. I missed a friend’s birthday and this will be a perfect “sorry about that” gift lol. It’ll be replacing a 12 year old laptop, he should get whiplash with the speed difference lol.

I’ve purchased a few WOOT! refurbs now and none of them come with any Office stuff preloaded. It’s a budget machine, don’t expect too much now.

HP refurbs usually carry only 90 days of direct warranty coverage.

Solid Reviews over at Walmart

Steve Jobs is calling from the bowels of hell. He wants his iMac colors back. Now!!!

With just one memory slot, will it take up to 8GB stick or is it only limited to 2GB (it doesn’t say).

No, but since this is meant to be a cloud computer you can always use the online versions of Word, Excel, etc. which are free. All you need is a Hotmail/Windows account to be able to use the program, which you’ll need anyway for Onedrive storage.

I had no idea these existed. I got a Chromebook years ago, but of course I’m sure this was a response from Microsoft to Google after the fact. Too bad there’s no HDMI out or else it’d be a good streaming option.

[MOD: It does have HDMI. See specs.]