HP Stream 11 Pro 11.6" 32GB Win10 Notebook

HP Stream 11 Pro 11.6" 32GB Win10 Notebook

I would suggest avoiding this laptop, as it’s obsolete, at least for Windows 10. The CPU is very mediocre, the 2 GB of RAM is insufficient, but most of all the 32 GB of storage will prevent you from updating the OS. None of the hardware is upgradeable on this thing, to the best of my knowledge. You might consider installing a different OS, like Neverware Cloudready, to turn it into a makeshift Chromebook, but even then the CPU and RAM insufficiencies above apply.

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I completely agree. I bought one of these a couple years ago for my oldest kid (that was a blue one with 4gb RAM). It ran for a little while, with all program and documents installed to an SD. But within a few weeks, Windows had updated to the point where the 32gb drive was completely full. Next reboot it went straight into repair mode because the updates couldn’t apply correctly… never worked again after that.

Again, that was a couple years ago. Win10 hasn’t gotten SMALLER or LESS memory-intensive since then.

These don’t belong on a website where poor suckers can buy them thinking they’ll get a usable Windows machine. These should be donated to some coder group who can use them for Linux experiments… or tossed onto a recycling heap.


Stay away. Stay faaaaaaar away. Here’s why.

• Celeron Processor. Not bad on it’s own, but bad when paired with the specs in the rest of this device
• 768p screen. Yes, I know this is supposed to be a cheap device but this just makes it worse: https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/laptop-screen-resolution-ripoff
• 32GB storage. This drive is already full immediately. Seriously, yes. There is going to be absolutly 0 drive space free on this PoS. In today’s day and age you don’t want anything less than 256GB of storage.

Any one of these on their own isn’t too bad but put all three together and you’ve got a recipe for a CRAP laptop. Save your money and buy something with more storage, a better processor, and a 1080p screen. Your eyes will thank you on the screen.

We have had one for years. They are useless with Windows 10 on them. Using a lightweight Linux distro, it’s actually usable. Still slow, but you have usable space and can actually update the system. Windows 10 can’t even install patches.

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Yeah I’m not in love with the display’s resolution, but at that size it’s passable and the only thing I wouldn’t complain about. It’s the non-upgradeable specs that make this laptop obsolete, not the display.

What’s disgusting is that you can still find laptops today with 15" displays with <FHD resolution, and 17" displays at 1600x900.