HP Stream 11 Pro-G2 64GB Win10Pro Notebook

HP Stream 11 Pro-G2 64GB Win10Pro Notebook

I have one I bought new. It’s just underpowered for any serious web browsing. The tiny screen is tiny. Windows takes up almost 30G of the 64G storage, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for software or storage.

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What about for a kid using it for virtual classes at home due to covid?

Buy a chromebook (preferably with a 1080p screen).

Seriously, stay faaaaar away from this machine. It’s underpowered and underspec’d for 2017 (forget 2020)

NOPE - !! Get a good Chromebook – fast, dependable and get a bigger screen – 11 inch is TINY

Wally Word has a three different new laptops with 1080p ranging from 280 to 300 that if you can afford the extra money will be a lot less frustrating. I looked for a couple of hours yesterday and those were the best deals (by far) I could find on a Windows laptop for the kid to use this fall that wasn’t going to give me and the kid grief. 2 Acers with Pentium 5000s and an Asus with a 3rd generation Ryzen 3. Ended up getting the Asus since the memory is upgradeable and it has a proper ssd. It will be usable for at least 4 or 5 years.




Chromebooks are the only computers that I haven’t spent much time using. As far as reliability and consistency for using, what are the benefits for you?

It is so strange to me that this has Win 10 Pro on it. Seems like the Home edition would be more than enough to overwhelm the hardware.