HP Stream 14" AMD Dual-Core Win10 Notebook

HP Stream 14" AMD Dual-Core Win10 Notebook

Windows S-mode with 32GB storage space. Even at the price it doesn’t seem to add up. Makes me think it’s a Chromebook in disguise

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S-mode isn’t an issue. One can easily switch out of it.

The storage (and lack thereof) and CPU, OTOH …

This level of performance is on par with a Core 2 Duo from 2007-2008. Okay for the very very basics, but don’t expect much more than that.

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Why I’m is getting a message now when I try to order this laptop ”Want one.woot”? Then it displays a page for me to fill in my personal information. This never happened before. Please Elaborate .


Low spec’d machine with minimal storage space AND a crap 768p screen (please ignore the pink tint).
768 vs 1080p


Well, that “crap” screen was pretty much the standard back then. 1080p was the premium option.

This actually makes a nice Linux computer. It will run Linux Mint very nicely - with room to spare! Uh… Windows 10? Not so much. Oh, yeah, it works… Until it wants to do this year’s big update. From the factory, there’s only like, 4 GB left on the ‘C’ drive. That’s not enough to FINISH the update, so Windows hangs. You’ll have to wipe everything out, clear the drive completely, and do a fresh install from a thumb drive.

What about the next big Win 10 update, you ask? Simple. Get yourself a flash drive…


Hi there. If you’re using Amazon Pay on iOS 14, the Amazon Pay team just rolled out a fix this morning. Could you please try closing the app a couple times to force the update and try again?

If not that, not sure? Log out/in and try again?

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I bought a version (13" Stream w/ Intel chip) back when they first came out in late 2014. Seemed like a Chromebook-fighter, but they neglected to create a “lite” version of Windows that could work on a 32GB device. I bought a “Signature Edition” from Microsoft, so no bloatware or crapware. It came with Windows 8, and it ran fine. Several months later I updated it to Windows 10, and that went fine, as did several minor updates. But when the first major update to Win10 came, there was not enough memory for it to complete, and I tried every trick in the book and none worked. It does, however make an adequate Linux laptop. HP has since brought out 64GB versions which may be sufficient to handle updates, but I have no desire to find out.

RUN FROM THIS… Stream… They mean SCREAM in frustration. This will not handle Windows 10 + Windows updates. Out of the box you cannot run Windows updates for lack of space. You will never 1GB of free room for your data. It should be criminal to even sell this product. Shame on you HP.

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