HP Stream 14" Intel Dual-Core 32GB Laptops

This laptop will be very slow. However it could run amazing with ChromeOS on it. One could buy it and install CloudReady which allowed chromeos to run on it well. I recommend that at this price. On the other hand chromebooks are cheaper…

I literally just came here to say what that guy said ^^^ Chrome OS is awesome, they updated it this week to play all Android apps. Go Chrome with this bad boy.

I bought 2 of these during Walmarts black Friday sale. I intended one for myself, one for my Fiance’ for “bed surfing”. When mine started updating windows, it ran out of hard drive space and could not finish. I removed all of the bloatware that I could, deleted all of the temp files that I could, ran windows cleanup, and still came up short. I ended up returning both. Shame because I really liked mine and it would have been perfect for Denise.