HP Stream 8" Intel Quad-Core 16GB Tablet

After being underwhelmed with inexpensive Android tablets, I look forward to enjoying the Stream 8. I really need a desktop web browser, not a weak tablet version of one.

YouTube showed Stream 7s being upgraded to Windows 10 with the help of MicroSD storage, so it should be fine. Some reviewers weren’t happy with battery life, but power packs are abundant if it becomes an issue. I understand Windows 10 uses compressed memory to reduce page file use, so 1 GB might be enough for netbook level work.

Microsoft’s Maps app will do turn by turn GPS navigation and won’t require constant internet access to update the map.

My plan: Use it for voice searches, weather radar, news, wasting time on YouTube, playing MP3s, and quick mobile messaging sessions. It will be nice to have it playing videos while I use a separate desktop machine with maximized windows.

I have the Stream 7 and I really like it. Not the greatest touchscreen and occasionally wonky wifi requiring the occasional restart, and I did upgrade to Win 10 but the screen would not switch to landscape mode so I changed back. I suppose those issues are worked out and I should try again. If you get this, I highly recommend the HP case for this, which is $15 on Amazon and comes with a bluetooth keyboard. Bam, mini PC. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00OTK0YA8?keywords=hp%20stream%207%20case&qid=1447698902&ref_=sr_1_4&sr=8-4

Received it today. It’s excellent. Bright, clear screen. Accurate keyboard. Responsive tablet interface. Some difficulty with tiny elements in the desktop, but a Bluetooth mouse will solve that.

It was odd to see 19 out of 23.5 GB free, since this was sold as a 16 GB device. Only 4 GB was in use for Windows 8.1. BitLocker was on, which was a pleasant surprise for privacy and security.

A web search for HP drivers brought up HP’s site, which automatically identified the tablet and showed a list of updated software. Installing BIOS was a breeze. I’m really impressed and look forward to more exploration once it is fully charged. Money well spent!!!

The Task Manager said the disk was 29 GB. The shipping box labels said 32 GB. So Woot or Woot’s partner made a $10 error in my favor. I hope nobody who ordered a 32 GB tablet got a 16 instead.

The device is great. I love it. Using the browser is slow, but once it connects and loads the page, it’s good. A mouse is essential, since it’s too difficult to maximize YouTube’s player and adjust playback volume by touch. HD movie trailers looked perfect.

It took several tries and hours of failure to upgrade to Windows 10. The answer was to remove the MicroSD card, run msconfig, disable all non-Microsofit services, then disable everything in the Task Manager’s startup list. Installation went beautifully. Windows 10 works nicely for basic PC activities. Tablet mode is very responsive.

Added a Bluetooth mouse. Wonderful improvement. No more touch screen errors from tightly spaced web page elements. Hover functionality restored! Amazing product.