HP Stream 8" Intel Quad-Core 32GB Tablet

Got mine, so far happy with it - upgraded to 8.1 Pro and then to Win 10 Pro without issue. So far, so good. Connected to T-Mobile HSPA+ as soon as I popped my SIM card in.

However, if Woot sells these again, I’d recommend adding that these are unbranded/white box tablets, not HP-branded ones. The backplate does have the HP logo, but the “Intel” and “Stream 8 Tablet” shown in the product photos are missing - instead there’s a white sticker with a serial and product number on it, along with text indicating that the retailer of the product is responsible for support, not HP. The box also looks like it contains a superchina tablet from DealExtreme or something.

The serial number in the BIOS doesn’t match the serial number on the sticker, at least not for me - and both are OOW when running a check on HP’s website, if I use the product number obtained from WMI (which has an R on the end, indicating it’s an HP-refurbished product).

If I use the serial and product number on the box, the tablet is still under warranty until June 2016. If I use the serial from the BIOS and the product number on the box, the warranty is good through January 2016.

So…just kind weird, if you ask me. Can I actually get in-warranty support from HP?

I ordered the 16 GB version after the 32s were sold out and received a 32 GB device. The box label says it is model 5802, so I guess there was a motherboard revision. It was impressive to see Windows only taking up 4 GB.

The hardware and interface are fantastic. Browsing in desktop IE is doable on a touchscreen with patience. I’m very pleased with Windows and happy Woot offered these tablets for less than the cost of a desktop monitor.

The Task Manager says it has DDR3 memory. Odd to order the cheaper option and get specs worth $10 more. Thanks, Woot!

Tried 3 times to update to Windows 10. Always got stuck at 39%. At least restoring it to 8.1 works. Resetting the tablet and agreeing to update from a setup screen failed.

Complaining on twitter brought the answer from Windows Support: Do a clean boot with msconfig by disabling all non-Microsoft services, then disable all Startup items in the Task Manager. The MicroSD card was removed during installation too. Windows 10 is working well. No audio signal problems. Excellent photo and video picture quality.

Was yours white box or in an HP-branded box?

Have you had any performance issues with Win10? I’m running one of the Insider Preview builds with the memory compression stuff, and it slowed down hardcore if I was using Firefox.

P.S. The 32GB model has an HSPA+ modem and a SIM card slot. Head over to your nearest T-Mobile store and you can get a prepaid SIM card for it with 200MB data per month for free.

It was in a plain corrugated cardboard box that said, “TS Series Tablet Ultra-Portable Design” with no branding. Basic specs were on bar coded labels. There was no SIM card slot.

Windows 10 has been surprisingly good. The Stream was my sole PC for today, and it did everything I needed. Desktop software is nowhere near as responsive compared to desktop or notebook hardware, but I got used to the delay pace. The major roadblock is using menus and controls that depend on mouse hovering or precision pointing at small checkboxes. The delay and difficulty of expanding a YouTube player to full screen near the Skip Ad box was frustrating.

The Microsoft Jigsaw puzzle app overheated the tablet. The screen was too hot to touch as puzzle pieces were dragged around. The app froze solid several times.

On the other hand, Cortana correctly recognized speech, I had clear voice recording results with Audacity, and Firefox worked with dragging and dropping a file to OneDrive while Edge and IE had no upload ability.

Touching a menu and using Bluetooth keyboard arrow keys is much better than trying and failing to get to my choice. The tablet was plugged in and had full access to overclocking, so I imagine attempting to do desktop stuff on battery power would be even worse.

The Task Manager showed memory use hovering around 75% in 8.1 and 70% in 10, so some improvement must have happened.