HP Stream 8" Intel Quad-Core 32GB Tablet

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HP Stream 8" Intel Quad-Core 32GB Tablet
Price: $79.99
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11/10/2015 - $79.99 (Woot Plus)

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But can you play Steam games on it?

Probably. But just the kind that don’t demand too much power to run.

If you want to wait in agony as Firefox opens a third tab, if you never do anything besides use Google Docs online, or if the 200MB data is a decisive factor go for it.

Otherwise RUN AWAY.

No, seriously, I had a Toshiba Encore Mini 8" model, with comparable specs. The proc/RAM were 60-70% full AFTER POWERING ON. Nothing was running. And this is older DDR2 memory, not my Toshiba’s DDR3.

I’ve found that my true need for a Windows tablet is actually an ultraportable notebook that transforms into a tablet for casual browsing & movies. I think many would agree with me.

In that case, go with an RCA Cambio. Only ten inches, with keyboard dock, better specs, and people are unloading them on Craigslist for $100 ish because of Black Friday.

But, again, if the 200MB is the deal breaker, go for it.

i have the directly comparable Toshiba Encore 2 tablet … except does not have the 200 mb of data. I have been very surprised at how well it performs running Windows 10. Easily as quick as a lower end laptop. I use mine as a small laptop and typically do not use the ‘metro’ tablet mode of operation. These work well as a small, handheld, pocketable Windows computer.

I bought the 7 inch version of this about 6 months ago. I was going to upgrade to Windows 10, you know, have some fun with it. I did perform the upgrade and the screen was stuck in portrait. I read about enough issues to make me revert to windows 8.1, which was easy enough. I actually like the tablet, it is pretty fast, and I use it for the normal tablet things. I would say with the Office 365 included with mine, it was a bargain.

I too have the 7" version of this from a previous Woot! Windows 10 upgrade went well once I added a sd card. If your expectations are reasonable given the specs of the device you should be happy. I bring it to meetings to keep up with e-mail and to watch Netflix when the meetings go south.

Can android os be installed on these?

I really only want a tablet to use as a photo album and to look at recipes while I cook. Would this be sufficient? If so, it seems like a good deal.

Little frustrated right now. I bought the non 4G version from Groupon last month for $99.99. This is a steal at $79.99. Definitely buying 2 right now.

“Sim Card not Included”. Is that something that needs to be added for this thing to work on the 4G LTE? Will you actually get to use 200 mB/mo for free with this unit as is?

Check out the 1 star comments on Amazon. I, as well as a ton of other people, absolutely could not get T-Mobile to honor this agreement. I was a 12 year loyal customer of T-Mobile, and I needed this exact perk; namely, the 200Mb monthly of free data. Most of the time I’m in WiFi range, or can use my phone to tether, but I have a few situations where I can’t do either, for various reasons, and I didn’t want the monthly bill of another connected device.

I spent, no exaggeration, no joke, over 20 hours on the phone with T-Mobile, trying to get this 200Mb service to work. I got told that my device was defective, when it clearly was not, because a tech pushed a week of free unlimited to the device, and it worked fine. I was told that T-Mobile has no such plan, and got laughed at for suggesting they did. I got told that it only worked with pre-paid accounts, and existing customers couldn’t get the deal. I got told my IMEI was bad. It was all complete trash. After those 20 hours on the phone, I ended up trying to pull the whole “I want to cancel all my service” deal, thinking they would then magically find a way to make it work.

They didn’t. I’m with AT&T now, since I wasn’t going to let my bluff be called, and not go through with it.

Seriously, buy this at your own risk. If sitting on the phone, getting bounced around from tech to tech, country to country, sitting on hold for countless hours, sounds like fun to you, then by all means. Grab 1! Grab 10!

Just do your research first.

I bought a Stream 7 when The Microsoft Store had them for $70 new with a year of Office 365. I just use it for web browsing and a few apps. I’m surprised at how well it runs for just having 1GB. Always have multiple tabs open in Firefox. No problems.

Perfect for that.

I don’t know why they told you that as I have the lifetime 200MB on my IPad. Works fine on the road in a pinch.

I agree. I also don’t know why they told me any of the other BS they told me. It was without a doubt the most infuriating experience with customer service, I’ve ever had to live through. Again, there are tons of similar stories on Amazon, if you look at the one star reviews.

Looking online, I see that SIM cards come in more than one size, what size SIM card does this unit use?

Assuming it’s the same microSD style card the Stream 7 uses. While this says 32GB max, so does the Stream 7. I’m running a 64GB card without a hitch. Also runs Win 10 great.

Love mine, but it doesn’t have GPS. Tempted to grab this.