HP Stream 8" Intel Quad-Core Tablet

Does this model have LTE? If so, what size sim card does it take? If not, meh.

Wi-Fi only.

anyone have a link to amazon reviews? i really want to learn more i am tempted to buy for the price point

Does it includes the 1 year subscription to Office 365 Personal?

When I open the Microsoft Office application, I am NOT given or offered the usual one free year of Office 365–only a 30-day trial.

That was not mentioned in the sale.

However, I was able to get 200MB/month free cellular data from T-Mobile. Not LTE, just UMTS (probably HSDPA, but I’m not certain).

I had to remove the back plate in order to install the microSIM card. I got the microSIM card from T-Mobile for $0.99.