HP Stream x360 11.6" Touchscreen Notebook

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HP Stream x360 11.6" Touchscreen Notebook
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, Oct 30 to Wednesday, Nov 04) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Is this the same product? If so, it is slightly cheaper, and new over at the MicrosoftStore.com

[MOD EDIT: appears to be same model; out of stock]

And it included Office 365 (a $70 value). Just shows you this woot is not a good buy. Wait for Black Friday or Microsoft Store to get more in stock.

Sorry!! Didn’t see the out of stock. In any event, lots of additional info can be found over at MicrosoftStore.com

I have the HP Stream 11.6 (not x360) and other than the screen not being able to fold back 360 appears to be the same computer. It’s a dog with Winblows, but, does really well with Xubuntu.

The stock WIFI and WIFI antenna are crap, but for under $20 (I paid $11 total) you can replace both. Yes, you are stuck with only a few options because HP white lists the WIFI cards but there is a white listed Intel card that works great.

We chose these over chromebooks for the kids and we are very happy. Best buy has them open box with windows 365 for $180 quite often, so you may want to check there.

The MS store deal (if it gets back in stock) is a much better deal. It’s new, comes with a longer warranty, doesn’t have any crapware, includes Office, a $25 store credit, and for students an additional 10% off.

Best Buy had the “Signature Edition” of these last month for $199.99. They look nice, boot fast (thanks to SSD drive), and work well.

Beware: you must FIRST do ALL Windows updates AND HP updates BEFORE you attempt upgrading to Windows 10. Failure to do so can result in many problems.

Also, keep in mind that 2GB of RAM is barely adequate for web browsing with a Windows computer (even after upgrading to windows 10). Don’t expect to install many (or perhaps any) programs on this computer.

To say nothing of thinking you can do anything with 32GB of “storage”. Ridiculous landfill fodder, this.

You’re meant to use ‘cloud’ storage, I think–this seems less like a tiny laptop and more like an enormous tablet with a keyboard…