HP t410 1GHz Dual-Display Smart Zero Client

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HP t410 1GHz Dual-Display Smart Zero Client
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Is there even a home use-case for this?

HP Support Center

Good question, can you use this as a remote desktop client or do you need RDP/VDI? Can you use it as a standalone PC? HTPC?.. Questions questions…

Not really, unless you run a desktop virtualization server with windows terminal server or other compatible platform. This is really enterprise-level IT hardware, and needs an enterprise-level budget to make it work, in terms of server hardware and software licenses. Very questionable Woot.

Outside of the uber IT geek with an enterprise level setup at home… not that I can think of.

Woot, I am dissapoint

That’s what I was wondering.

Just what IS this, exactly?

We use these at my work (major pharmacy chain) linked to an IBM Bladecenter local server and no I couldn’t see a home use for this. Even if you setup the requisite server hardware to use this, it wouldn’t be capable of even the most basic internet multi-media.

A thin client. It’s a computer, but it’s not designed to function stand-alone (must connect to a remote server). For enterprise, not really for home.

…I think Intel Compute Stick or Raspberry Pi 3 are much better bang for the buck (assuming that you are looking for something functional, not something to hack and tinker). At least they can function stand-alone.

This is truly a big disappointment. What a waste of time.

Why would this be on Woot. Their is no practical home use scenario for this product.

Good question. Will it work with Virtualbox as a host?

It only took 1:17:19.551 for the first order to be placed.

I’m actually surprised that only 1 are being purchased (for the most part). Seeing as how this is a business thin-client computer, I’d have thought 3 would be purchased at a time.

So you couldn’t even use it as an RDP client for a Windows desktop elsewhere in your home?

It might work. But the hardware specs are very small. I think I’d want to use an even smaller virtualization software package that would allow you to spin up and down small web servers or load balancing for several sites.

So, how easily would this be plugged in at home and connect via Citrix to a VDI at work? Is it easier than a Chromebox would do that? (Which is pretty easy.)

Even as nerdy as I can be at times, I see very little use for this. If it was 40 bucks, I could find a use for it. I just cannot justify the cost at 95 to 100 bucks (tax/shipping)? I could buy an old dual core machine, with 4 gig and Windows 7 and do the same thing.

I actually got 1 for my cat last year. They make great fur baby butt warmers in the winter.