HP t620 AMD "Client

HP t620 AMD "Client

Woot, please clarify the description, else you’re going to have nearly all of these returned when people realize they cannot use them without a thin-client-server.
The storage description is also misleading, nothing is stored on a thin-client, that’s simply not how they work.

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I was looking at this wondering how many people are thinking “WOW! That’s a cheap computer.” Thinking they’re getting a good deal. Of thing to sell here, don’t you think?

Great point! This is really a totally illogical sale. 95% of people don’t probably know what thin clients are and 99%+ of the people that do, would have no use for them. These are completely useless without a server set-up and even then, they’re quite pathetic. The medical center I worked at had thin clients all over as workstations, within 3 years they scrubbed this program. It’s like selling a man tampons, really no use for them , unless you’re on anticoagulants and have a severe nosebleed.

While I agree that these are intended to be used as a terminal for a server, they do run Windows 7 embedded and so have a little more functionality on their own. If all you want is a small, low power computer to do something like display pictures or basic content on a screen, or to maybe lookup information in a garage or something like that, this would work.

I did laugh at the copy/pasted line “16GB solid state drive has plenty of space to store your digital albums, music library and rich media files.” These have virtually no usable storage. However, if they are anything like other HP thin clients I have used they include the ability to “lock” the storage so that any changes made are reverted after reboot. Could be useful in a school or library setting with that.

I note there is “no review”, but here is another t620 with a smaller SSD so you can see comments. These describe a couple happy use cases that some visitors here may not be aware of. I spend 75% of my time on VPNs and RDPs to clients, so I can imagine how this would be useful, but others may not.

I do agree that most people here will think this is a general purpose PC, and will be disappointed.

16GB solid state drive has plenty of space to store your digital albums, music library and rich media files


Because your media files are stored locally on the thin client. Among other things…

I have used these and you can use them as cheap web browser like a chromebook. There is also a linux distro available from HP to run on these.

I mentioned this to the computer team and they’ve added some info to the features to hopefully make it more clear. Appreciate your comments.

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You guys have me thinking. I could use this with power point to display on 2 screens correct?

Do these have the DisplayPort to VGA adapter included that they often have?

They have two PS/2 ports and no VGA, which is a rather odd arrangement. All our I/O devices have moved to USB, but we still use inexpensive VGA displays, and not many people I’ve found use DisplayPort-native displays for thin clients anyway.

That depends on how you are using PowerPoint, but probably yes. The thin client will be able to handle PowerPoint. If PowerPoint can do what you want on another computer, it can do it here - it’s just a very lightweight Windows desktop.

It gets by with being very lightweight because it’s intended to let something else do all the processing, but it will handle that reasonably well - depending on your presentation, of course. Not sure how well it will handle full HD video, if that’s in your presentation.

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Hi there. The adapter is not included.

Amazon has adapters with 100% positive reviews (52 reviews) for $7.88 and free Prime shipping. https://www.amazon.com/VicTsing-Gold-Plated-DisplayPort-Muti-Display-Devices-Black/dp/B07D56SPCD
Technically, there’s one negative review from someone who tried to use it to convert a VGA output to a DisplayPort monitor - it doesn’t work that way, and the product description says so.

These are about $75 less than we normally pay for the t520, so buying an adapter is no big deal. I put in for some of them, not sure if they bought them.