HP TouchPad 32GB Wi-Fi Tablet



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HP TouchPad 32GB Wi-Fi Tablet
$194.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I got one of these when it was offered recently (5/18). I can’t wait until it gets here! Well, I have to but I don’t want to wait, I want it now!


Picked one up during the fire sale. I have Android on it (takes time, but safe) and it works faster than any android tablet I’ve played with.




Needs to drop down another 50 before I will jump on this.


Thought about buying but it’s apparently going for less on ebay (around $150), at least recently: http://www.ebay.com/sch/iPads-Tablets-eBook-Readers-/171485/i.html?_nkw=hp+touchpad+32gb&LH_Complete=1&_pgn=2&_skc=50&rt=nc


A good device prematurely sunk by the dodo-heads that have been running HP the last few years.


Every time woot! has one of these, I am tempted. But somehow manage to refrain from purchasing. When they are gone, I have regret, for about 10 minutes…


Battery life running Android (CM7 or CM9) isn’t so hot, though. I’ve been leaving mine running WebOS most of the time and booting to CM9 when I need to.


Will this run an older game, like Civ III?


I stay far, far away from anything HP or Compaq. I’ve had nothing except problems from most electronic devices I have bought from them. Computer, keyboard/mouse combos, monitors, and cameras. The only thing I haven’t had many issues with are their printers, but I just bought a Canon and the quality is far superior to the comparable HP in price.

Just my rant about HP. I’ve also had friends and family that have had excellent luck with HPs and my grandma still has an 6-year-old HP humming along without any problems. I just personally wrote them off my acceptable buy list.


does civ III run on webos? android? are their emulators that will run it under one of those OSes?


…kind of. WebOS doesn’t have a Civ III game by itself. You can probably get by with a remote desktop app (either in WebOS or Android) and use a home computer to actually run the game (tablet just controls it). There are several RD apps in Android, but never bothered to look for one in WebOS.


Buy it! and install Android. This thing is awesome. Last time it came on the woot off I bought another. If you have even marginal tech abilities you can watch the youtube videos and get it installed.


True that.
But, if HP hadn’t bailed, they would be selling for 400, not 200 as now.




Try looking here https://www.google.com/, it should have your answers.


Bought mine early this year (paid $15 more,) it looks and acts like new. It is well worth the wait. If I had the funds I would be buying a back-up device today. Great deal.
Wonder if these ever show up in a BOC?


$200 tablet i can hack the crap out of that sold for $600 last year? i41!