HP TouchPad 9.7” 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet

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HP TouchPad 9.7" 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet
$249.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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$150 too much!

250% MSRP?

Was this one of the fire-sale touchpads?

ouch. steep price. you guys at woot are mean :frowning:

Are… you… joking?

Incoming nerdrage…

fail. webOS sucks dick

So is there a good android rom for this? What can you do with it?

this was $150 a few months ago. in limited supply of course

True that! Another HP product. I’m going to bed.

about $150 too much

Wow. Are you kidding me?

are you serious? 249. This actually pisses me off.

Um… Got this for $99 during the fire sale…

Boycotting this just on the principle of a $150 markup. For shame woot.

Indeed. Nice try, woot!

thats insane who would pay that much for MSRP $99 item? woot killer!

BOO! I expect better Woot!

Woot, I am disappoint.