HP TouchPad 9.7” 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet

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HP TouchPad 9.7" 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet
$249.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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bad woot

Ummmm, naaaaaaaa

You guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys why isn’t it $100 :frowning:

Oh. Em. Gee.

You’re kidding. Right?

Bad woot…trying to make 150 off of a hundred dollar item…

These will sell out quick. Still pretty good deal on them.

So I take it the salad days of the $50 TouchPad are gone forever, eh?

so woot is still keeping some stocks eh…

Please only be 1…

Best door stop I ever had.

…I thought these were dead and supposed to be waaaay cheaper?

Didn’t HP themselves offer this for $100 a few months back?

What gives?

If you REALLY wanted them gone, you’d sell them for $100.

$250 for a TouchPad? Only 2.5 times what they were selling for a few months back and only $50 bucks less than what an Asus Transformer costs.

I got this tablet NEW for $99. It was worth $99 but not $250. Wonder why Amazon is charging above retail for this End-Of-Lifer?

The market for this tablet is pretty much non-existent. I’m waiting for all the bugs to be worked out, then I’m putting Android on. It can surf the web, schedule events, hold music and photos, and play Angry Birds but not too much more.

Sooo glad I got one (or 5) for $99 during HP’s fire sale :smiley: