HP TouchSmart 21.5" Quad-Core i5 AIO PC



You saw nothing


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HP TouchSmart 21.5" Quad-Core i5 AIO PC
$699.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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I might be interested at $299. No, I guess I wouldn’t.


I don’t think so, Mr. Bot!
(but at least he spelled “previously” correctly this time.)


This is not a jeep cover. :wink:


I don’t know about you, but woot stalker seems a little too creepy for me, particularly when it provides inaccurate info


The name is creepy regardless. Yet, there it is.


I heard about some shenanigans tho!


Pshaw - like everyone on here doesn’t do the same thing. And just about as accurately.


I, for one, am happy you (WOOT) are emptying the warehouse via ONE -the original! - Woot site and not simultaneously running 3+ Woot-Offs. Happy New Year - and bring on the you know what that begins with B and last word begins with C


I agree, I would very much enjoy a Bag of Crap during this woot off.


hphphphphphp ASUS hphphphphphphp APPLE hphphphphphphphphphphphphphp TOSHIBA hphphphphphphphphphphphphphp

When, oh when will they rid themselves of this awful, awful brand?


I saw nothing!


…but more important, where can I find the wallpaper used in the picture?


I read somewhere that they no longer offer BOC during woot-offs and that you have to pay attention to their Facebook page now.


woot off killer