HP TouchSmart 23” All-In-One PC

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HP TouchSmart 23" All-In-One PC
$689.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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my boys have this…

cnet review


Around 4 stars on Amazon.


Product Website

We use these at work. Very nice. The screen can have a bit of a glare, however.

So, this is like an iPad for the desk…?

A great little computer! I still stick with the mouse since I don’t like having finger prints on my screen. Get rechargeable batteries since the batteries in the mouse don’t last long. When the batteries do go dead the touch screen works fine. Might have to do “A DOUBLE TAP” at times.
Plus at times when you try to highlight with the touch screen it will make your font get smaller or bigger and confuse you all up.

Why would you want to have fingerprints all over your monitor screen???

Get your red hot manual here!

About the 330m processor:

Intel page



No because if you flip it onto another side the image on the screen stays the same.

HM57 graphics chip:

Intel page


mobo specs

I got this recertified on ecost 3 months ago for around $800. I liked the computer at first but it very quickly started lagging and suddenly I started getting the Blue Screen of Death. WITHIN the 3 month HP-Warranty I started complaining to HP whose chat support people were nice but could not help me. During the weeks I was chatting with them my warranty expired and HP refused to honor it even though I clearly was complaining about the lagging and Blue Screen of Death occuring DURING my warranty period. I’m livid right now and highly recommend that you get an extended warranty on this computer if you want it.

It’s basically a 23" 1080p HDTV with built in DVR and DVD player, and it’s a touchscreen computer too.

In that it’s a touch screen that can be used to consume content and services over the internet? Yes.

In that it can run Flash, Sliverlight, play back DVD, Blu-Ray, stream from Amazon, Netflix, Pandora, LastFM, Zune, iTunes, QuickTime, VLC Player, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and too many other things, then no. It is much more than an iPad. More like an iMac Touch that can also play Blu-ray.

One question: Resistive or Capacitive touchscreen?

Does anyone have any experience using a screen protectors with these? Glare and fingerprint issues put a big damper on my interest in this kind of PC. I did find one protector made specifically for this PC, but I have no idea how well it works. It’s probably loads of fun to apply.