HP TouchSmart 23” All-In-One PC

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HP TouchSmart 23" All-In-One PC
$649.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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This is not a BOC.

Looks like there is officially no BOC today, it is well past the standard time window. Maybe tomorrow!

bag of stuff, bag of stuff

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AHH…Please show me that camera from Easter! I have been regretting my hesitance since.

iMac wannabe.

what is a big o cosmos?

100 available my guess.

This is going to take forever when do I get my BAG OF CRAP DO WANT NOW

MSWindows 7

On the one hand, it’s a respiffed i3 with not enough memory and no HDMI output. OTOH, it does come with ISP offers. AOL, here I come!

Where’ve you been lately? The SOP has been for two-day woot-offs for some time, with the bag of cr****ap showing up on the second day around 4 or 5pm eastern time.

I don’t recall the last time we had a one-day woot-off - especially on a Tuesday.

A big o cosmos (aka baked oven cookie, baked orange carp, etc etc…) is a bag of some of the most desirable things you can get on Woot. It is a highly coveted item here, and will shut down the servers when it is offered. You must be quick to get one, but why stop at just one? Buy as many bags of candy as you can!! Go here to see what lucky Wooters have found in their BOC: http://www.bagsofcrap.com/boc_items

:confused: this will take forever, I want a chance at a BoC!

Ok, looks like this might be here a while. Your job is to find or make up funny comics, pics, or jokes about touchscreens.

I may be nice to the one I like the best.

I bought this computer on the last woot-off and another in 21" last week at sell out woot. I love them! (oops, I bought them for my business) I would like to turn them all to all in ones! No silly towers, but the touchscreen is fun for about 3 minutes, after that, the mouse is still our favourite. I am really happy with them both, but then again, I’m an HP girl

better offer coming?