HP TouchSmart All-in-One PC with 20” Touchscreen LCD

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HP TouchSmart All-in-One PC with 20" Touchscreen LCD
$349.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Got me a second time! I read “HP Touch” and got all excited. Curses!


all of my rage

Really Woot??
Another computer…

Another computer…Sigh

Darn a computer… I really wish it was a camera!

come the fuck on amazon

ANOTHER f’in computer ???

I remember the girl, can’t remember the computer…

Anyone else getting tired of computers/laptops??

This is like a TouchPad, but you need a bigger messenger bag* and a bigger wallet.

*Messenger bag should also hold a small gas generator (not included).

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Just access the onscreen keyboard function and you’ve got the King of tablet PCs!

The Dell and HP from an hour ago met, had a love child and now we have this!!

at least there are only a few of them…

I’d be more entertained paying bills tonight . . .

ugh, shocker…another computer…

Come on woot give me something at least half interesting to buy! I’m not talking about a computer, blender, yogurt maker, or dyson…

At First I Was Ahhh Touchpads Santa Is Real I Didn’t Waste The Last Two Days Of My Life!!! Then I looked At The Full Title

It’s true, santa is real, and wootoff is magic bringer of touchpads. I know because I bought a touchpad from Office Despot, and they were all, did I say backordered, I meant no way are you gonna get it, well, maybe wait and see if we get some more, but no promises – and then I got a shipping notification this morning, and a TouchPad this afternoon!

I can only credit the woot monkey-gods for this wonderful occurence, because Office Despot is a retard incorporate with their random order status.