HP TouchSmart Core i3 23” All-In-One PC

O jeezus… I hope they only have 2 of theses…

Nooooo thank you.

that touchscreen is excellent for angry berdz

RTS games would be awesome with a touch screen, I would imagine.


RIDDLE: Anyone know what has 2 thumbs & a BOC?

(i like your squiggley torso)

When you see “i3”, think “Celeron”.

Do not need . . . next

Google price comparison link. For your pleasure.


I remember seeing one of these at Best Buy when they first came out and all the finger prints that were on them. Skeeved my out too much.

Woot! You still have 501 more BO****Cs to sell!! Come on, just put it up for sale again.

Has a freezing issue?

Me too. Although, after my Bag o’Crap I’m only here for the comments.

Woot off killer!!!

take off seven and load up newest android version for tablets, add skype and you would heve the largest smartphone around

Zero sales. C’mon, somebody must need this! It’s got feet and everything.

incase you missed it earlier there was a similar dell for $549 http://www.woot.com/Blog/ViewEntry.aspx?Id=18062

Despite this one have a i3 330’m’ model processor, its still pretty fast scoring over 1900 at passmark.

I have a few customers that have ‘touch smarts’. They NEVER use the touch screens, basically a useless feature on a desktop unless you are going to put it up front to run some type of kiosk type software. They are also harder to open and upgrade than your normal PC. And of course, it is HP who are constantly ranked one of the lowest quality in home division sales in recent reliability surveys.

Have one of these and love it, perfect family computer!