HP TouchSmart Core i3 23” All-In-One PC

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HP TouchSmart Core i3 23" All-In-One PC
$599.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Yet another computer. I don’t like these because they are not upgrade friendly.

after this computer will be a another camera i bet.

Now this is up here to specifically piss off the people who bought the 20-incher earlier.

Cool, it has “Gigbit” LAN support. :frowning:

“Shoot” me now.

woot off killah.

next up…another blender. o pleeze let it be another blender.

is it worth it?

Inspired by “Shoot me now”

“It’s computer season!”
“No, it’s camera season”

I would love to see more cameras! :smiley:

Ok, with my new camera i buy… click click

holy no purchases, batman!

“Would you like to shoot me now, or wait 'til you get home?”

“Shoot me now. Shoot me now.”


Silly Thacker, everyone knows it’s “baseball season”

all-in-one computer…
got one of those. its called a laptop.

this is so lame… there have only been like 15 computers in this woot off.

With so many computers and cameras on here, Its unbelievable that there is anyone left that is here to buy one that still hasn’t bought one.

As a side note, with this many touchscreen computers and cameras, they should have their own portion of the site, like wine.woot

go hotel guy go… buy 3