HP TouchSmart Core i3 23” All-In-One PC

Woot. Seriously? What the hell. I just got paid and FINALLY have some money to spend on worthless items that I do not need.

Its not hard to please me. But seriously?! I DEMAND COOLER WORTHLESS STUFF!

I might want something like this to replace my second monitor once Windows 8 comes out, but I will just buy someone on Woot after windows 8 comes out.

Better yet I will get a windows 8 tablet and a stand instead. Yeah.

Would you like to woot him here or wait til you get home?

$600 for a refurbed i3?

Do not want.

does it make coffee?

FOUR MINUTES… is that a new record.

is it compatible with my mac?

Yes, I think they will very good sitting together on your bedstand.




computers means they have tons left over… that means lets hope we get some pretty awesome stuff in our bandolier of carrots!!!