HP Touchsmart IQ526 All-in-One 22" Touchscreen PC

I waited an hour for this!!

Too much again…

That seems like a lot for a refurbished HP…

Clever how the background on this one looks much like the default Mac background.

Clever, woot.

I hope you’re all pleased with yourselves now!



Come on BIG SPENDERS! Blow your wads and get this one outta here!

At least they went several items between computers this time.

and this Computer woot-off continues…

Great space saving PC. Wifey has one and loves it!


wasn’t the shirt detour enough of a stall???

The reviews are favorable. Not bad:

Oh look. Woot-off killer, woot-off killer, short hour, woot-off killer…

Ah well it gives me time to relax and do other stuff so alright.

Ooof! Glad I rushed back in time for this.

this deal is so wrong on many levels.

  1. vista.
  2. refurb.
  3. HP

goes back to kids woot

We have a Touchsmart in the lab… one day, I changed it out for a regular computer. It was hilarious! People kept complaining that the computer would not work and kept jabbing the screen with their fingers in confusion.

I’ll have what you’re smoking.