HP Ultra Dual Core Entertainment Notebook with 17.3" LCD, Blu-Ray and HDMI

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HP Ultra Dual Core Entertainment Notebook with 17.3" LCD, Blu-Ray and HDMI [Refurbished] - $599.99 + $5 shipping

1 * HP DV7-3065DX 2.4GHz AMD Dual-Core, 4GB, 500GB SATA, 17.3” LED LCD, Blu-Ray, Windows 7 Home Prem 64

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here’s CNet’s very good review


use one of these for work, it’s pretty nice build quality, and i’m quite rough on laptops.

Can I turn it into a hackintosh?

How does this compare to a Macbook?

Here are the benchmarks for this computer…


Nice laptop for the price and better than some of the cheap-o’s out there.

Does this come pre-loaded with the “LOTR Fan Film” described in the writeup, or do we have to go to sellout.com for that?

The ATI card is a good thing… :slight_smile:

I have a HP DV4 series entertainment notebook with a Core 2 Duo and the cooling fan is really loud. I have read complaints from other people as well about the noise from their HP entertainment laptops. Unfortunately fan-controlling programs like Speedfan does not work with the HP BIOS.

To all the number pad aficionados out there, I ask… Do you buy these 17" gaming laptops for mad late night Excel data entry sessions?

A friend of mine has one. Be advised it’s really large and heavy. You will not want to be carrying it around every day, unless you’re training for something.

We’ve been assured this one is much, much better.

this reminds me of the $650 hp hdx16t deal that i got in on… 1080p, bluray, 2.2 duo intel… but i have the nvidia with hdmi… great box so far… found my first dead pixel…

this is my first HP (second compaq) and it’s pretty solid (win7 vs vista is part of the reason)

2 questions:

  1. does this have those glossy feel keys? i don’t really like those.

  2. looks like there are 3 ports where you would plug in headphones and a mic…what’s the 3rd one for?

HP support page.

If this had a tv tuner it might make a good HTPC.

For all those late-comers that will bash the Blu-Ray on a 1600x900 screen - go search the web and realize that 1080p is indistinguishable on a screen smaller than 32".

That means - this 17" screen with Blu-Ray is just as good as a 32" screen. And the HDMI port means it can pump 1080p signal just fine to a capable flat 1080p panel.

The human eye has limitations; it’s not the laptop’s hardware specification.

Great price for the specs.

Excellently built. One caveat is the power adapter that some of the HP are problematic. We have two and one of them is dead after only a year.

No great replacement available unfortunately.

Here is the link to the 90W the 60W ac adapter do not have any better reviews:


I question why this huge laptop only takes a 60W. Our dual core 15 inch laptop takes a 90W.

BTW… HP laptops run very hot. I don’t know about this one in particular but the DV5z’s will burn your skin.