HP Ultra Dual Core Entertainment Notebook with 17.3" LCD, Blu-Ray and HDMI

Bought it for my girlfriend when it was up several days ago, shipped quicker than expected, and now we watch movies in bed,

Speakers sound tinny only if you have the volume maxed and don’t know how to use an equalizer, otherwise loud and clear.

It is huge, but I love the screen size.

Well worth it in my opinion… and I don’t like to spend money on laptops.

Still have a desktop to replace, but the woman convinced me it was more important to replace her laptop first… I’m glad I did.

ATI Radeon HD 3200 is a class 3 graphics card.
Onboard (shared Memory) graphics chip (on RS780M chipset) based on the HD 2400 graphics core. (notebookcheck)

I don’t know much about computers, if anything at all. How would this notebook fair out if trying to play WoW?

It’s HDMI OUT. Not HDMI IN. This will NOT display HDMI video from your PS3.

Edit: Already answered…

I think HP and woot! are in cahoots!

Or should I say cawoots?!

If possible immediately format and install Windows 7 fresh.

HP is famous for installing massive amounts of junkware onto their machines. This software will slow the computer down and interfere with other programs (personal experience). You should remove all of it immediately or do a fresh Windows install.

What is up with DCno10’s tardiness and missed cnet links lately?? Is something amiss??

If I were to purchase this massive laptop instead of replacing my antiquated desktop with a new desktop, what would I be giving up?
Any comments about FIREWIRE connections? Don’t see it listed on this HP.
Many thanks, I don’t have a lot of computer knowledge other than using them!

What would you like to know about FireWire? Most information can be found here

It’ll play it. But you won’t be playing at full res on ultra high. Actually, it’ll prolly have to be put on low. I’m not so sure this laptop is a good deal if you want to do any kind of gaming.

We have this computer and love it. The big screen is great for us because we take it on trips and when bored, we can watch movies or download maps of where we are and actually see them. This is a good price too.

Reliability. I have one of these and it lives on the repair bench at HP. I bought mine new with a 1 year warranty, been worked on 6 times and the warranty just expired. It is a tad heavy if you were to take it with you. But, can run about 3 hours on the battery with all the bells and whistles turned off, about 80 minutes with everything maxed.

You’ll be getting a smaller monitor than you’d normally get with a desktop. If you’d like to play recent games, you might have a hard time because of the graphics card in this (and in most laptops). Desktop systems are better for gaming.

You’ll also be giving up a lot of upgradeability, and possibly repairability. It’s hard and in some cases impossible to upgrade or replace certain aspects of a laptop, most notably the video card. Whereas in a desktop computer, almost any part can be replaced, or added, pretty easily.

Laptops also have a reputation for being more fragile than desktops. They tend to rely on a lot more plastic in their structure than desktops, and don’t dissipate heat quite as efficiently.

Also you’re correct that this laptop doesn’t appear to have a firewire port.

All of that having been said, I’ve been using a laptop as my desktop computer for a long time, but I now have it connected to a 22" external monitor with an external mouse and keyboard. It’s working pretty well, I just wish I could upgrade the video card, cause gaming technology changes pretty fast and I can’t play most of the games that have come out in the last year at least.

Just a note - moving a computer to Windows 7 is insanely easy with Windows Easy Transfer. Built into Windows 7 and Vista and a free download for Windows XP.

Get both computers running on the same network and BAM, it will automatically detect what files and settings it needs to move (you can then customize it if you want).

Crazy simple.

it’s called work. and sleep.

Just playing with you. Hope you know that.

Just a couple of things i can think of. And you might not even have these items on your current desktop, but are nice upgrades. 1. TV Turner 2. 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound

haha oh i do. it’s all in good fun.

Both of those things are easily added with a USB device. USB TV tuners and USB sound cards.