HP Ultra Dual Core Entertainment Notebook with 17.3" LCD, Blu-Ray and HDMI

Very nice laptop, too bad I already have a good one.

oh boy

Anyone care to try my new Woot-Off Checker? Come chat with us right on the page…

I just rebuilt it from the ground up, all bugs should have been addressed. If you have any questions or commments, please feel free to contact me via the link on the page.

Features include:
-TEXT MESSAGE, Email or AIM notifications for just about anything
-Text to speech, for new woots
-Estimated time remaining for current woot
-Automatic updating every couple seconds
-Scaled picture of main image
-Comment count and discussion link
-Much more…

Thanks all!


oh boy

I am starting to see a computer theme for this woot-off

Bring back the knives!!

Not bad, but I prefer Intel CPU with Nvidia Graphics.

Just what I need… another LARPtop.

I have this HP and it is a great notebook.
Love the BD and HDMI.

What’s with the drool?

uughhhhhhhhhh, I’m going out, which means I’ll miss something good

CNet says Meh:

At least it’s not a mandolin slicer.

HDMI FTW!! too bad I already have a sweet notebook with HDMI.

So is every other item going to be some time of computer?

Desktop, Netbook, and finally a Notebook?

Got this exact item last Woot-Off and love it. Its a wonderful desktop replacement.

yeah i know right!!!

it will be knives and sansa’s all afternoon.

How do people use such big laptops comfortably? And how to do you actually carry that around without getting tired.

I carry my netbook everywhere but I can’t imagine carrying that anywhere.

You, ser, are a scoundrel and a LIAR!