HP Ultra Dual Core Entertainment Notebook with 17.3" LCD, Blu-Ray & HDMI

CNET Review

Why is the photo of the lid upside down. Trying to tell us gnihtemos?

Will it run games? Probably not right?

Whoa-- that picture is even trippier when I realize that I’m sitting at this exact laptop with this exact styling.

It makes me wonder… am I just another frame in someone else’s picture?

This will run most games out there. It doesn’t come with just the craptastic “integrated” graphics card that doesn’t do diddly squat. This card is half-way decent.

I have an older generation of this laptop with similar specs. Make no mistake, this is a DTR. Not mobile, and definitely not for your lap.

The HDMI out is incredibly handy along with the two microphone out jacks. Capable of playing all HD stuff smoothly.

How many MB is the card? The CNET only says 128 and I didn’t see it on the description.

The lid photo isn’t upside down. The HP Logo and energy star logo are facing that way so that when the lid is open, people can still see it right side up. If you look at the left profile photo in the additional photos, you can see the HP logo to the left.

@#$%!!! Why do they offer something that I’d actually buy when I’m broke??


Oh why??

Hey woot? Can I come over and clean the bathrooms, and empty the trash cans for one?


It’s not upside down, it’s the direction it will be facing if you’re going to use it, just lift the lid.


The HD 4200 is low-end ATI integrated graphics. It shares memory with the CPU, and isn’t very fast. That said, it’ll do the Aero interface, fullscreen Flash, and HD playback very well.

Do NOT expect to play modern games well (or at all) on this thing; there are certainly many older titles that will run or at least chug along. Some lower-spec games will run too.

Sorry, DTR?

You say not mobile. I’m not seeing a wifi on this. Why not mobile?

I understand “not for your lap” - burning off leg hair gets very old very quick…

HP Support Page

You can do better for $600 easily. A lot better.

Frys has a Fujitsu Core i3 for $500. They had an MSI Core i3 for $450 last week.

Oh yeah, and my boss has one of these with Intel insides, but the same screen, case, everything else.
The keyboard was kind of spongy and cheap-feeling; the keys are glossy plastic and there’s a bit too much give in the whole keyboard.

Nothing like my 12" dv2 of the same new design, which has a great, solid-feeling keyboard. Shame.

Touchpad is nice and it has a dedicated on/off button, which is a very handy feature.

The notebook was also surprisingly light for its size; overall fit and finish was nice, but the plastic bottom felt cheap because I’m used to metal.

DTR stands for Desktop Replacement.
This size laptop is probably purchased for space and simplicity, with portability being a secondary concern. It’s not something you would want to carry around every day.

And it does have wifi; there is not a laptop sold today without it. If there’s no special note made, it’s probably a basic G card, instead of the new N standard. It’s still perfectly sufficient for just about everything.

Bet you a dollar those don’t have Blu-Ray drives or a screen as good as this one.

In terms of pure processing power, sure, you can do better. This machine has nice multimedia features, though. (Screen, Blu-Ray, multiple audio jacks, decent speakers)

I -love- this feature. I don’t have to go into any settings or software to turn it off. No more retyping because I moved the cursor by accident!

When someone asks to borrow my puter, it’s usually off because i use a USB mouse on my left. I always get asked, whats wrong with my touchpad. Bwahaha!

my friend has this laptop and I’ve played MW2 at Medium (modest) quality fine.