HP Ultra Dual Core Entertainment Notebook with 17.3" LCD, Blu-Ray & HDMI

Leave it to one of my employees to interrupt me right as the BOC came up. #$!!#$

god damnit.

Er, um WOOT!? My first BOC!!%^$%!11!one!@#!

I gota bag of crap!!
does happy dance
Ill report back as to what it is!

Gah… crashed server did me in.

Thank you baby jesus… First Bag of crap ever!

All the way to “this info is correct” for Random Bag of Crap. Thisclose!! Why?!? My dream slips through my fingers yet again. :frowning:

Thank you baby jesus… First Bag of crap ever!

best connection I ever had, fastest page load, couldn’t get through to the order page. Four years and only 1 BOC, must need to have a bot or something.

DENIED…after the damn system started to process my order. WAH!!!

Gah… crashed server did me in.

what is up with all the computers?

Cool! Another laptop. I’m glad I didn’t miss anything.

apparently getting to the “buy it” button and clickign it isn’t good enough. I has a sad :frowning:

What is the April Fools Bag of Crap? How is it different?

Man I got in right before the servers were hosed.

I’ve been wooting for less than a year and I got my FIRST BOWL OF CEREAL!

I got a bag o crepes. First one too

Didnt come close to getting Batman of Comica

My gawd. There must be some secret in order to get a lovely Bunch Of Coconuts. I’ve been here for years and have not even got close. :frowning: