HP Victus 15L TG02-0119 Gaming Desktop

HP Victus 15L TG02-0119 Gaming Desktop

Small error in the listing. the i5-12400F CPU (and any intel CPU ending in ‘F’) does not contain any integrated graphics. This PC has a discrete card, so not a major problem. But if anyone was planning to part out the graphics card, the CPU won’t provide video.

Hi there. From our buyer:

It does have dual graphics integrated / discrete so features are correct. The discrete GPU is listed Intel® Arc™ A380 Graphics (6 GB GDDR6 dedicated)

Right, this is where the error is. This Intel chip does not come with any integrated graphics.


Is this a decent setup and price for a 14yr old’s first gaming experience?? My son is very responsible with his electronics and wanting to learn & create more advanced gaming content, but he’s currently using my 6.5yr old laptop. As you can imagine, he’s experiencing a lot of lagging, glitches etc…I believe part of it is that it’s not Windows 11 compatible.

If this seems like to much for his first system, can someone please guide me in the right direction for a decent, fast setup for his age, i.e good specs for creating APK’s for VR games, dabbling with learning how to write scripts, coding, mod menus etc…?

Clueless Mom (trying to be cool)