HP Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse

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HP Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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crappy keyboard


awesome keyboard, buy 3 for when they die!

Old, old model of each. Ech.

Worst wireless desktop ever! I bought it on a previous Woot off, they keyboard wouldn’t work from more than 6 feet away, mouse would not register left-clicks half of the time…

Got it a while ago, works alright, nothing really wrong with it, but be sure to keep the wireless transmitter on the same side as the mouse otherwise it will cut in and out.

Come on! It’s $12- buy two so we can move on…

Want it. Don’t need it. Pass…

Crappy AND refurbished! A true woot! item of kwality!

whaaaaaa? how are you supposed to jump rope in your cubicle with no cord on your mouse?

In a couple of years, this will be your TV remote. Better stock up now.

I bought one of these once about a year ago. The mouse didn’t work out of the box. Garbage. The keyboard lasted a week and failed. Junk.

Caveat Emptor

Thanks for the reviews.