HP X2 210 G1 Intel Quad-Core Tablets

I own this PC/Tablet and I love it(the only difference between mine and the one offered here is that mine has 4GB of RAM vs 2GB here).

The size is great, the speakers are surprisingly loud, the case is metal-like and very solid. It plays the hi-def video files I have with no stuttering. The display is great - bright and clear - it is well suited for reading news and web documents. It is about the right weight - not heavy but not too light and is well suited for travel.

Downsides? The KB is a bit narrow and the touchpad is a bit challenging to get adjusted to your preferences. It boots fast, but it’s not a speed demon. Updates from Microsoft take a while to process - just be sure to do them when you can - not wait for it to happen when you least want it to occur. As to expansion - I added a 200GB MicroSD card to mine with no problems.

One bonus: The Microsoft App store makes a version of Word and Excel available for free for devices that have displays 10.1" or smaller - like this PC.

Does this one support any of the HP active styluses?

Does this come with the keyboard? I don’t see it listed in the specs.

No. Tablet only.