HP x360 11.6" Intel Convertible Chromebook

HP x360 11.6" Intel Convertible Chromebook

Can’t find this exact model on Google’s End of Life chart; the short support for any HP x360 model is Jun 2024.

An 11in screen with this resolution is not going to leave a lot of space to actually see anything on the screen. I’ve been criticized in the past for wanting these devices to have a 1080p screen; in this case it’s warranted.

Here’s a good example of the difference:


Now image that on a 12in screen.

Yeah, 768p is just ridiculously bad. If a tablet of the same size can have 1440 so could this, but 1080 is at least workable.

I’m getting similar flak in the comments on a tech blog site for saying the difference between 1440 and 1080 is a dealbreaker for me on new phones, and the idiots are insisting I can’t possibly see a difference. Maybe they can’t, but people with functioning eyes can.

Or you could look in the specs:



If you ever want to see actual murder in an audio-visual tech’s eyes, bring a chromebook to a conference and ask to present with it. It’s still technically a computer, but just no.