HP x360 11.6" Intel Convertible Chromebook

HP x360 11.6" Intel Convertible Chromebook

I got this the last time around for ten bucks more. It’s a great chrome book. All day battery, tablet mode is great with the touch screen. And auto updates for the next 4 years means it will last a long time. The only negative for me is the color. It’s hard to keep it clean lol


When holding it in tablet mode, how do you handle the keyboard? Does it disable the keys and such?
I’d hate to put it into tablet mode to carry it around and have constant typing/mouse moving.

Yes, it disables the keyboard when flipped into tablet mode. With that said, I probably wouldn’t buy this expecting to use it as a tablet while moving around. It’s fairly chunky with some oversized bezels around the screen.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Chromebook. Can these do game streaming like Steamlink or Geforce Now?

Does anyone know how big of a micro SD card you can use with this Chromebook? 128G? 64G?

Check Passmark for the speed, 1123…for this operating chip for this Chromebook. Even for a Chromebook, it’s slow!

My kids play Minecraft and roblox on it with no issues

I’m not sure of the max size sd card but I have a 128gb card in mine

It does disable the keyboard, however it does not disable the power and volume buttons on the side. The volume buttons are handy, but I’ve only owned this about a month and I’ve already accidentally pressed the power button a few times. That’s annoying haha

As a side note, it would really be useful if anyone’s comments about performance of ANY computer be prefaced with “Regarding use for gaming” or “Regarding general use.”

A lot of gear rejected by game enthusiasts work perfectly well for office use, audio editing and moderate photo editing.

As a non-gamer, my last three Woot lappers were rejected by gamers. I use them for writing, web editing, photo editing, audio editing. Don’t do video editing, so I can’t speak to that.


Got this in April for my son for online school. Good machine for a kid. It won’t take a severe beating but is fine for daily rough use. It’s not a speed demon but has more than enough power for most simple gaming apps, zoom, khan academy and the play store version of Microsoft office. I did try crossover and it’s a little too anemic for most windows apps.

It did qualify for chromebook perks through google, including the bonus storage and free doom and stardew valley. (It runs doom like a champ, but seeing as how it’s about a thousand times faster than my 1992 486, I would expect it to).

Never had a Chromebook before, what does the “four mods” refer to?

I think it’s supposed to be “four modes” - ie, laptop mode , tablet mode , tent mode , and stand mode.

Thanks! Fixed.