HP x360 13" i5 Convertible Touch Laptop

I have concerns about the condition of the battery in these refurbished laptops. If it turns out the battery is compromised, won’t hold a full charge or simply won’t charge, would the vendor (woot) replace it? I suspect that brand new, once fully charged, the battery would not last long on its own, as I have owned several HP laptops over the last 10 years. Does the “refurbish” process include testing the battery’s condition? I presume Woot buys them already prepared for sale. Am I right?

I have the same concerns. In particular, I do not expect that the battery is user-serviceable, so if the battery is a dud, I feel confident that Woot will stand behind the product. But it’s still a hassle going through the RMA process and then, presumably, mailing the computer back.

I note that this computer model has probably been on the market for about a year and a similar discount for this model can be found elsewhere. A response from Woot or an HP rep would be *** very*** welcome, here.

All this said, every experience that I’ve had with Woot has been a positive experience, including RMAs.