HP x360 14" Full-HD Convertible Chromebook

HP x360 14" Full-HD Convertible Chromebook

Ugh. More HP garbage being sold as refurbs on Woot. How HP is still in business after selling unrecalled junk laptops for over a decade is beyond me. They must be in caWoots with Amazon.

Maybe you prefer Dell or Lenovo?


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I bot one of these. Haven’t had it for long, but so far I am enjoying it.

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What is the warranty for a refurbished computer?

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I got this a few days ago. I know buying refurbs is like playing the lottery, but mine might as well be brand new. Couldn’t be happier.


Hi there. We list our warranty at the end of the features. This one is:

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

I bought this model several weeks ago on Woot. It was one of the highest rated Chromebooks for features vs cost. I wish it had more on-board storage but that is easily fixed with a $20 SD card. Only other knock is that is thin and heavy. Surprisingly dense and that makes tablet mode kind of pointless. There is no reason to spend $600 or more on a Chromebook when this has everything you need to get anything done. Also, it is very nice looking.

Is this a factory refurbished item or refurbished by a 3rd party?

I was needing a solid work laptop to do some essential tasks for work. Ordered this, and it arrived just yesterday. Loving ChromeOS after two years of being away from it; fits my workflow very well. The laptop overall feels solid and the keyboard is great. The condition of the unit I received though is a little disappointing. Cosmetically, it has a few scratches and dents, and while this is annoying, it’s something I can live with. But what has really been worrying me is the battery health. Everywhere I read, people are enjoying 12+ hrs of battery life with this laptop and rate that as one of the strongest features. However, I’m only getting 8-ish hours per full charge, and when I did a battery test, it says the battery health is only at 90%. Really bummed about this, as I was looking forward to using it for extended periods away from a plug. I’ll continue to monitor over the next few days.

anyone having to deal with the flickering sky issue in youtube? Not sure if this is a new hack or not.