HP x360 14" Full-HD Convertible Chromebook

HP x360 14" Full-HD Convertible Chromebook

Bought one of these last time. Runs GalliumOS Linux great and it’s what I’m using to type this. Touchscreen doesn’t work currently in Gallium but it doesn’t make much difference. You will need a SuzyQ cable to unlock the firmware.

I bot one of these a couple of weeks ago. I love it. I enjoy using it as a giant tablet. Bot one for my daughter today.

Anyone know if you can use a stylus with this chromebook?

Interesting to hear that the write protect is restricted to a cable. Unfortunate about the touchscreen not working. I’ve heard most of the time touchscreen work for galliumos. Wonder if it works on Ubuntu then… Thanks for your post. Definitely helps with my decision making.

Is the keyboard deactivated when it is folded all the way back for use as a tablet?

Yes, the keyboard automatically switches off in tablet mode.

Just purchased one of these and it has a backlit keyboard even though it wasn’t specified. It is in very good condition, just some light scuffs on the chrome hinges. It is very fast and a great update from my old chromebook.

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